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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Kheer - the simplest and the best!

Everyone loves Rice Pudding or what we call "Kheer" in India. And the best thing is that it takes delicious when warm in cold winter nights and absolutely yummy in hot summer evenings!!

My absolute fav-delish!! So I reckon it is the best one to start the string of sweet dishes on this kit*chen* blog. Lets dig in.....

Rice Pudding Or Kheer

Ingredients --
4 cups Full cream milk *can use Half n Half in North America!*
3/4 cup Basmati rice
10 Almonds (plain, unsalted)
10 Cashew nuts (plain, unsalted)
10 Pistachios (plain, unsalted)
few strings of Saffron *Kesar*
Sugar to taste

Method --
1. Boil the milk in a large saucepan.
2. Add sugar and stir. Let the milk continuously simmer.
3. Add washed rice. Let the rice cook in the milk.
4. Crush the almonds, cashews and pistachios in a morter and pestle to get uneven powdery mix. Can leave a few bigger pieces. Add these crushed dry fruits to the simmering milk.
5. Drop the saffron strings in the milk and let it simmer for 20 mins (or till the mixture becomes thick and creamy!)

* Can add sultanas if you like 'em!
* Can add Everest Kesari Milk Masala to the milk while boiling to get a great taste! But I mostly make my kheer just with the simple ingredients above and it tastes wonderful!!

Serve hot or chilled with a garnish of saffron! :D

Friday, July 15, 2005

Chivda Poha

It was hard to find a picture of Poha on google. That is why I have been planning to post this recipe for a week now and haven't been able to. I'm surprised that a picture of a dish as easy and tasty as this isn't there on the net at all!!
This pic I found below has cashews in it which I never use but if you love cashews then you are more than welcome to try them in it - I usually use peanuts.

So without further ado -here we go.

Chivda Poha -- Poha with flattened rice

Ingredients --
2 cups of chivda/poha (flattened rice)
1 medium sized potato diced into small cubes
1 medium sized onion chopped
1/2 capsicum finely chopped
1 chopped chilli
2-3 table spoons of oil
2 teaspoons of turmeric powder *haldi*
1 teaspoon of mustard seeds *rai*
5 crushed cloves *laung* (optional, but they add a great smell to it!)
a few curry leaves
handful of peanuts (optional)
Chilli flakes (optional or how hot u'd like)
4 tablespoons of Lemon juice
1 tablespoon sugar
Salt to taste

Topping TIP -- a packet of Haldiram's plain Bhujiya (optional, but its too good with poha!)

Method --

Preparation -
1. Wash the chivda with water and drain completely. Add some water (+ milk if you like!) and leave the mixture aside to soak.
2. Mix lemon juice and sugar in a small bowl and mix so that the sugar may dissolve.

Cook -
1. Add oil in a hot pan.
2. Fry the peanuts in oil and put aside.
3. Fry the potato cubes in oil and put aside.
4. Add mustard seeds to the heated oil and leave for a minute till they begin to splutter.
3. Add the chopped chilli, turmeric powder, curry leaves, crushed cloves and chilli flakes.
4. Add onions and cook till they are golden.
5. Add capsicum and fried potatoes.
6. Seperate the soaked chivda with a spoon or by hand and then add to the frying pan with other ingredients.
7. Add salt and juice mix.
8. Enjoy with Bhujiya topping!! :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Garlic and Mushroom cream Pasta

After a somewhat long break, I'm back to tingle your tastebuds with another one of my all time favourite recipes. Actually to be very honest, I am not much of mushroom person myself. But because of 'him' I have started eating them...because he is crazy about mushrooms. *I can see my future!! ;)*
Till today I can only have small button varieties in my pasta or more!

But 'he' absolutely loves this one whenever I make here we go.

Garlic and Mushroom cream Pasta

Ingredients --

1 packet Penne Pasta
1 200-300ml tub of Thickened cream (can use lite one too!)
2-3 cloves of garlic cut in small pieces
A handful (or as much as you like) white button mushrooms halved/thinly sliced
a few table spoons of olive oil(preferable)/cooking oil
Chilli flakes (optional or how hot u'd like)
Crushed Black pepper
Salt to taste
a few Basil leaves for dressing

Method --
1. Cook the pasta according to the instructions in the packet. Drain and put aside.
2. In a wide pan, heat the oil, then add garlic and mushrooms and cook for 2 minutes. Add the pepper and the chilli flakes so they get fried a bit with the garlic n mushroom.
3. Add the cream and bring the mixture to a steady simmer. Do not overcook because the cream may start getting watery.
4. Add the boiled pasta and season it with salt *and pepper if you need more* and mix well.
5. Pour in a bowl and dress it with parmesan cheese and basil leaves.

Its that easy and truly ummylicious!
This is so quick to make that you wont believe!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

No not an icecream recipe!


You Are Coffee Ice Cream
Energetic and lively, you are always on the go.
You're doing a million things at once and doing them well.
You tend to motivate others and raise spirits.
You are most compatible with chocolate ice cream.

Friday, July 01, 2005

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